Respecting confidentiality and impartiality concept, Merih founded in Istanbul and performs supplier audits for leading Turkish companies with experienced staff globally since 2016. Merih serves for the firms which sales products via store / internet or wholesale / retail and food manufacturing companies. 

In addition to BRC-based supplier audits, halal audits are also performed for the companies that target to offer healthy, reliable and clean products to customers.

Our international experts provide customized solutions to make your business more efficient with food safety and halal trainings.

Merih is in the process of accreditation with Berlin-based DAkkS to make conformity and analyze checks, to prepare reports and product certifications in BRC standard laws and regulations. aşamasındadır.



About Food Safety and Halal Management;

  • To evaluate halal and food safety management systems for customers through trainings and audits,
  • To determine the needs and deficiencies of the customers through audits and halal raw material inspection services,
  • To provide continuous, sustainable consultancy and know-how for customers' global needs / challenges.



About Food Safety and Halal Management;

  • Being a company that customers desire to work with,
  • To be a respected and reliable company recognized as a reference,
  • To be a sought- after company that serves global customers.